Its about being INCLUSIVE


To break down the divide between ability and disability so every human is included, empowered, inspired and lives life without compromise.



Delivering exciting, goal driven educational, therapeutic and recreational services to people living with a disability using cutting edge technology, creativity, fresh thinking and all delivered with a pro-active, personal and positive attitude.

Pluto was born from a small production company on the Mid North Coast who saw a need for meaningful, goal driven recreation and education to be made accessible to people living with a disability.

Pluto Inclusive Entertainment's main focus was, and always will be, to provide people living with disabilities a place to play, learn and explore.


We work out of our state of the art space to deliver Virtual Reality experiences, gaming, inclusive performance sessions and professional live streaming services.


No matter what we are doing we will always have our goal of supporting people living with a disability as our core focus.

So if you want to join in the fun get in touch with these smiling faces from the small town of Taree and remember that everyone is a person, no matter how big or how small,  we all deserve awesome things.

Thanks from your pals at Pluto.

Pluto Crew.jpg